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China Education Consulting Center

CECC(China Education Consulting Center), a subsidiary of Shenzhen Lianhua Zhihui Technology Co., Ltd., is a one-stop comprehensive service platform for education of overseas students in China.

We are devoting ourselves to be the most professional international talents training service center which includes services of overseas study in China, study tour in China, educational communication, talent training, cooperation between schools and enterprises.

We will establish local educational alliance for education in China in many countries and regions to further cooperate with educational institutes globally, and ally with Chinese educational alliance to make us a convenient channel for people who desire to receive education in China or make educational exchanges in China.

Why Choose Us?

Our founder team comes from Tencent, TCL, and Confucius Institute (Hanban) with abundant experience in internet and education.

With the first-class and most distinctive universities and enterprises.Help Chinese universities to get excellent students internationally.

Teach students in accordance with their aptitudes to cultivate the first-rate international higher educated talents with Chinese characteristics.Provide the best educational services for overseas students who want to study in China.


Selecting the best students and working with them to ensure their final success

Up to 300,000rmb/student

Granted by top universities

Available in major cities



Preferential admission status

Quality university choices

HSK Exemption



Our Team

Xu Wang

Asia Business Director

David Xiao

China Business Director

Inna Chen

Operation Management

Ivan Cen

Technical Director